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It's refreshing to see what can be done when amazing minds are able to do what they love. The best part is, it's all real; the passion, the process, the people and the art. Well done, check it out

Mike Rubendall, Keepin' it OG...


Kevin LeBlanc-Kings Ave Tattoo,N.Y.C

Tomatoes and Kevin LeBlanc, are the only things I can think of that come out of Jersey.

Deno at Kings Ave Tattoo-N.Y.C

Just a couple spots left for Deno's return trip to N.Y.C, July 1 and 2. Call 212-431-5464 to grab them.

Grez-Kings Ave Tattoo N.Y.C

One leg down, one to go. Good job, Suzanne.

Grez-Kings Avenue Tattoo,N.Y.C

Horace Ridler also known as The Great Omi (1892–1969) was an icon for the early days of tattooing and he deserves a first class representation.

Brian Paul-Kings Ave Tattoo, N.Y.C

When dropped in boiling water, the crab will turn the same color as Brian Paul's head. Have a good vacation, you rusty haired bastard.

Licorice Sat at Kings Ave N.Y.C

We are currently staring at 4 bags of black licorice.  It happens to be John's favorite candy but his O.C.D wont let him eat it, unless he knows where it came from. If you were the kind person that sent it, can you let us know, so he can stuff his face and no one will have to hear him talk.

Brian Paul, Kings Avenue Tattoo

Here is another example of what can be done with a cover-up tattoo. If a client keeps an open mind and allows an artist to do what is needed, not only will the tattoo cover the old one but will stand on it's own as a beautiful tattoo.[gallery]

Justin Weatherholtz, Kings Avenue Tattoo

Bien hecho, Justin, bien hecho.

Deno, Guest Artist at Kings Ave Tattoo-N.Y.C

Work from the mind of a crazy Spaniard. A week with Deno, at Kings Ave. Appointments still available for July 1 and 2. Call the shop, 212-431-5464 for a spot.[gallery]

Guest Artist, Timothy Hoyer at Kings Ave Tattoo-N.Y.C

Timothy make good hand job first day. June 14 thru 16 call shop appointment you. 212-431-5464

Justin Weatherholtz-Kings Ave Tattoo

Justin does portraits, like Jimi plays guitar...boom!

Kings Ave Tattoo N.Y.C-Grez

Right here lies a shining example of how laser removal can be extremely
beneficial to those who want garbage covered.  With the black gone, and an open-minded approach, we will both be much happier.[gallery]

Matt Arriola-Kings Ave N.Y.C

Matt Arriola will be guest spotting at Kings Avenue Tattoo N.Y.C. June 9,10,11, 13 and 14. Walk-ins available, so come on in. 188 Bowery at the corner of Spring St. or call 212-431-5464.

Timothy Hoyer @ Kings Ave N.Y.C

Timothy Hoyer will be doing a guest spot at Kings Avenue Tattoo in New York City June 14 thru June 16, call the shops 212-431-5464 or 516-799-5464 for appointments.


Matt Beckerich hard at work, Kings Avenue Tattoo.


Kings Ave-N.Y.C

Hot sign, summer in the city-by Brian Paul
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