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Kevin LeBlanc

Kevin finished this Daikinjin today at Kings Avenue N.Y.C


Tote bags are in and available at Kings Avenue Tattoo-N.Y.C

Mike Rubendall

An interview with Mike Rubendall out today on Inked Magazine's blog, check it out.

Grez-Kings Ave, N.Y.C

Back-piece finished today, by Grez, on Dave


Mike Shea of Redemption Tattoo[gallery]

will be working at Kings Avenue Tattoo-N.Y.C on Saturday July 23 and Wednesday July 27. For appointments call 212-431-5464

Digital Dragon Shirts

New Kings Avenue-N.Y.C shirts have arrived. Designed by Brian Paul and for sale at our New York City location.

Wed- Kings Avenue Tattoo-N.Y.C

F.Y.I the only thing worse then Queen is listening to Kevin LeBlanc sing along to it.

The Week Of The Two Tims

Tim Lehi and Tim Hoyer will be guest spotting at Kings Avenue Tattoo-N.Y.C, Aug 30 thru Sep 2. For those not familiar with their work, they are both extremely talented artists, so do not hesitate to set up an appointment. For a space please call the shop, 212-431-5464 or 516-799-5464.[gallery]

Justin Weatherholtz

The Japanese koi (also known as carp), with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose, is a symbol for courage and the ability to attain high goals.[gallery]

Grez-Kings Ave Tattoo, N.Y.C

I took the clarinet in middle school; I would have never guessed someone could make it cool.

Mike Rubendall-Kings Ave Tattoo

This tattoo is a depiction of a Japanese ghost story and is proudly worn, by one very happy customer.

Sarah Schor-Kings Ave Tattoo N.Y.C

Cod is the main ingredient in fish and chips, so who better to do this tattoo then our resident Brit.

Deno, Again and Again!!

Now that's how you finish on a high note.

Deno at Kings Ave Tattoo-N.Y.C


Today is Deno's last day of guest spotting with us at Kings Avenue Tattoo. It was a fantastic couple of weeks, filled with some beautiful tattoos. You will be missed my friend. If anyone is interested in getting something in the future from Deno, please call the shop 212-431-5464 and we will put you on a list for when he returns.
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