Recent Work and Rose Hardy Booking for April at Kings Avenue Tattoo

Posted by Jennifer DeSantis on Tue, Jan 28, 2014 @ 02:15 PM

Even at the coldest part of this winter, things are heating up at Kings Avenue Tattoo. Thanks to everyone that came out for the Thom DeVita show. It was a great time and an amazing turnout. We look forward to holding more events like it in the near future. Keep checking the blog for all the info on Kings Ave events. We are also glad to announce that Rose Hardy will be joining the Kings Avenue family in April contact us at on scheduling information
Until then here is some recent work from the guys.


Grez cobra and all seeing eye tattoo 
Grez Def Leppard 
Grez rock of Ages tattoo 


Rose Hardy pattern color pattern tattoo 
Rose Hardy black and grey girl head 
Rose Hardy black and grey pattern tattoo 
Rose Hardy bat tattoo 


Jason Tyler Grace dragon and koi tattoo 
Jason Tyler Grace Butterfly and peony tattoo 
Jason Tyler Grace tiger tattoo 
Jason Tyler Grace eagle tattoo 


Justin Weatherholtz black and grey angel and roses tattoo 
Justin Weatherholtz black and grey angel tattoo 


Frankie Caraccioli wolf head tattoo 
Frankie Caraccioli traditional tattoo compass and rose 
Frankie Caraccioli skull, hand tattoo 


Shaun Nel
Shaun Nel black and grey skull and rose tattoo 


Phil Szlosek
Phil Szlosek Fudo tattoo 
Phil Szlosek script tattoo 

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2nd Annual Thom DeVita Art Show At Kings Avenue Tattoo N.Y.C

Posted by Jennifer DeSantis on Fri, Jan 03, 2014 @ 03:13 PM

Thom DeVita
panther art


“1,000 Pieces of Original Art”

Tattooer and Artist Thom DeVita to stage Bowery

exhibit featuring five decades of artwork

(Newburgh, NY) Today, the 81-year-old tattooer and artist Thom

DeVita announced that on January 10th, 11th, and 12th, he will

participate in “Odd Art,” his second solo art show and sale at

Kings Ave Tattoo in New York City. Within the increasingly diverse

tattoo community, DeVita is consistently held up as an innovator,

responsible for bridging the gap between tattooing’s military- and

biker-influenced “old school” and its stylistically all-encompassing

present iteration. On display for the first time ever will be some

of his earliest known paintings: three watercolor and ink drawings

dating from the late 1950s.

DeVita was born and raised in East Harlem, and began tattooing on

the Lower East Side in 1961, the same year that the New York City

Health Department banned the practice city-wide. He worked illegally

for four decades, receiving customers in a converted apartment on a

drug-ridden block deep in Alphabet City. In 1991, he relocated to

Newburgh, New York, just six years before the tattoo ban was lifted.

In 2003, DeVita stopped tattooing professionally, shifting his focus

to what he calls “creative rubbings”—acetate tattoo stencils placed

under thin paper and rubbed over with a dry medium. Borrowing from

the visual chaos of his urban upbringing, the kinetic execution of

mid-century painters like Willem De Kooning and Franz Kline, and the

simple, iconographic style of American tattooing, DeVita continues

to apply his designs to any surface that will take pigment—including

the floorboards of his Victorian home—enabling the show’s claim that

there will be “1,000 pieces of original art” for sale.

He’ll also be showing some of his most unusual work: the original

pieces of “flash,” painted in the 1970s, that hung on the walls of

his studio, illustrating for his clients the types of designs he

could apply. Traditionally, tattoo parlors display this imagery in

the manner of an art gallery—framed, and printed on archival paper—

but DeVita’s prized flash was painted on wooden slats salvaged from

discarded fruit crates.

This will be DeVita’s second show at Kings Ave. (His first show,

in January of 2013, was his first ever in New York City, and the

artist sold a total of 85 pieces to fellow tattoo artists and art

enthusiasts alike.) The tattooers Scott Harrison of Portland, OR,

and Bubba Reeves of Los Angeles, CA, will be accepting walk-in

tattoo appointments during the show. The show was organized by Chris

Grosso, a video producer at Vice, who profiled DeVita in several

episodes of the online channel’s “Tattoo Age” series.


Odd Art

Kings Ave Tattoo

188 Bowery, Second Floor

New York City

(212) 431-5464

January 10th, 12 - 9 PM

and January 11th and 12th, 10:30am to 9pm

Curator: Chris Grosso

Links and further reading:

“Tattoo Age” with Thom DeVita

Thom DeVita’s online catalog

Essay by artist Nick Bubash


nyc art show

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