Ed Hardy Returns to the Bowery

Posted by AJ & Dylan on Thu, Jun 04, 2015 @ 07:18 PM

       Ed Hardy’s return to the Bowery proved to be as historical as anticipated.  Artists from all over the world came to hear Ed talk about tattooing both in past and present, his take on his own work and thought process when creating both paintings and tattoos. One could really feel the vibe all weekend and you knew you were a part of something so much bigger than just an art exhibit and lecture; you were a part of history.  Ed’s new paintings and stencils from past tattoos were inspiring to say the least.  Everyone took something away from the weekend, whether it was something physical like a painting, stencil, a tattoo from Ed’s Flash or a feeling that the creative process is something that will and can continue forever.  Ed continues to influence both the tattoo and fine art world still to this day. 

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On day two, Ruth Marten and Michael McCabe accompanied Ed to discuss the history of tattooing in New York. McCabe led a Q&A in which Ruth and Ed talked about their experience’s with NYC tattooing. They painted a clear picture of what it was like to work in the Tattoo Industry when tattooing was still completely underground.  They spoke of the likes of Mike Malone, Sailor Jerry, Thom DeVita and Tony Polito (who attended the lecture) amongst others. 

Whether you’re an Artist, collector or a fan, the weekend was well worth attending and truly inspiring to everyone there.  A weekend where you were surrounded by some the best artists in the country, both past and present and the energy was something you can’t describe.  Kings Avenue is extremely humbled and grateful for the opportunity to have hosted this event and would like to thank everyone who had a part in organizing the event. We`re looking forward to the possibility of another event like this. 

To see the full lecture please visit Mike Rubendall’s Youtube page (Link Below).  


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