Goodbye - New Works On Paper

Posted by Zac and Luke on Wed, Mar 01, 2017 @ 05:10 PM


New works on paper by:

Justin Weatherholtz 

Zac Scheinbaum 

Brian Paul 

Frankie Caraccioli 

Goodbye features new bodies of work from four Artists/Tattooers who have worked closely together in New York; some of whom have moved on and spread out across the country. The work explores the theme of saying goodbye and dealing with change, loss and our preconceived ideas of mortality and physical being during our times on this planet; The different types of pain and loss one goes through when facing the hardships of every day life, all the way to the hardships of death. These four different artists take their own ideas of what the word “goodbye” could mean and explore through different mediums and subject matter what it means to leave, and what we leave behind.

Each artist has an extensive background in tattooing. They have strived to push the boundaries of what tattoo imagery or art related to tattooing could look like, trying to show viewers something new that has not been commonly associated with the tattoo culture before. Through the exploration of this imagery, these artists have begun to explore their own place in the world.


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