Valerie Vargas and More Guest Artists Coming to Kings Ave Tattoo

Posted by Jennifer DeSantis on Mon, Apr 16, 2012 @ 01:00 PM

It has been such a great couple of weeks working with Valerie Vargas. What an absolute pleasure it was to have her with us at Kings Avenue Tattoo. She and Stewart are such talented and friendly people. The tattoo community is lucky to have them and we are fortunate to have worked with both. We are going to be so sorry to see her leave. It was an honor to watch her kill it day after day, she is a true talent, with the body of work to prove it.          

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This Madussa tattoo was the first piece Valerie did on her guest spot with us at Kings Avenue Tattooing N.Y.C. That is what you call hitting the ground running. It just set a tone for the great days to follow.

Valerie Vargas, Valarie Vargas tattoo, belly dancer tattoo, best tattoo studio nyc, best tattoo shop, woman tattoo          This belly dancer has such an attention to detail that Valerie Vargas is known for.

Valerie Vargas tattoo, punk rock chick, punk rock girl tattoo, girl with tattoos, best tattoo studio nyc, best tattoo shop              A punk rock Virgin Mary, was another piece of beautiful and strong female imagery, that seemed to be the prevailing subject of Valerie's trip. And with a piece like this, no one is complaining.

Valerie Vargas, woman tattoo, girl head, best tattoo nyc      West Coast meets West End, well really Big Ben isn't really West End but close enough.

Valerie Vargas, Joan of arc tattoo, best tattoo studio nyc, best tattoo ny    Valerie would like to die in her sleep. Grez wants to be eaten by sharks and John would like to go in a plane crash. But all three agree that none of them would like to be burned at the stake like Joan of Arc.

Valerie Vargas, rock of Ages, rock of ages tattoo, best tattoo studio nyc, best tattoo ny

Thank you so much Valerie for a great two weeks. Get home safe and give our best to Stewart. We look forward to your next visit to N.Y.C. and you guys always have a home with us at Kings Avenue Tattooing.

Next week Kings Avenue is happy to be welcoming a new set of guest artists to our clients.

Tom Michael will be with us April 23 thru 28

Katie Sellergren April 26 thru 29

Billy Baca April 28 thru May 1

Frankie Caraccioli April 30 thru May 5

Please feel free to call either shop for artist availabilities

N.Y.C. 212-431-5464

L.I. 516-431-5464

or email us at

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Matt Shamah- Guest Spot @ Kings Avenue Tattoo N.Y.C.

Posted by Jennifer DeSantis on Sat, Apr 07, 2012 @ 04:05 PM

What an amazing week it's been at Kings Avenue's New York City tattoo shop. It was great working with artist, Matt Shamah. What an incredible talent and all around great guy. Time flies when your having fun and it seems his week with us just blew by. We're gonna miss you my friend and are looking forward to your next visit to New York City, he fits like a glove tattooing on The Bowery, and we look forward to his return.

describe the image    Some of the the pieces done by Matt Shamah at Kings Avenue Tattoo N.Y.C.

describe the image      Skull and Rose tattoo by Matt Shamah

Matt 4     Black Swan tattoo / Matt Shamah

Matt5          If anybody is out on the west coast, check out Matt Shamah at Analog Tattoo and please feel free to email us for info on all our guest artist and full time Kings Ave artists at

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Joao Bosco - Guest Spot

Posted by Jennifer DeSantis on Thu, Jan 05, 2012 @ 08:05 AM

Joao will be guesting at Kings Ave Tattoo - N.Y.C. Feb 17,18,28,29 and March 3,6,8,10  Call the shops 516-799-5464 or 212-431-5464 or email us at for an appointment.

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Deno at Kings Ave Tattoo-N.Y.C

Posted by Jennifer DeSantis on Sat, Jul 02, 2011 @ 06:28 AM


Today is Deno's last day of guest spotting with us at Kings Avenue Tattoo. It was a fantastic couple of weeks, filled with some beautiful tattoos. You will be missed my friend. If anyone is interested in getting something in the future from Deno, please call the shop 212-431-5464 and we will put you on a list for when he returns.

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