Kings Avenue Tattoo - Chris Odonnell and Paul Dobleman

Posted by Jennifer DeSantis on Thu, May 02, 2013 @ 03:14 PM

It has been a great week at Kings Avenue Tattoo. It's been great having Paul Dobleman doing a guest spot with us. He's a talented and fun guy, that seems to have brought a little of that West coast weather with him. We are going to miss you sir. Make sure you come back soon.
Paul Dobleman 
IMG 4722 

Paul Dobleman2 
IMG 4746

We are also glad to have our dear friend and amazing artist Chris Odonnell at Kings Avenue NYC on a regular bases. Getting the opportunity to watch this guy work day after day, week after week is a true blessing and an inspiration to everyone. 
Chris Odonnell 
chris odonnell 2 
chris odonnell1 
chris odonnell 3
chris odonnell4 


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